Shock and Strut Service at Koons Chevy Buick GMC

Tired of driving around in a bouncy vehicle? Looking to return your vehicle to like-new handling functionality? Koons Chevy Buick GMC can help! Our service team is prepared to assist drivers with everything from shock and struts to brakes, batteries, oil changes - and beyond! The Koons Chevy Buick GMC team is prepared to help drivers with an array of service needs, schedule a service appointment today!

When to Service your Shocks and Struts near Columbia, MD

Silver Spring drivers can look for a few notable indicators to help determine shock and strut health. Do you bounce excessively when going over potholes or speed bumps? If yes, your shocks and likely ready for replacement. Bouncy ride quality is often a sign that your shocks are in less than ideal condition. Baltimore drivers can also look for nosedives when hitting the breaks. Nosedive is used to describe the front end of your vehicle lurching excessively forward when the brakes are applied. If you're experiencing poor handling capability, your shocks and struts may be responsible.

Shock & Strut Repair/ Replacement Symptoms

  • Dented or damaged shock/body
  • Fluid leaks
  • Cupped tires
  • Continued bounce after going over holes or speedbump
  • Heavy nosedive while braking
  • Bumpy/harsh ride quality
  • Poor steering

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The Koons Chevy Buick GMC team is ready to work with drivers from Columbia, MD to Rockville - and beyond! Thinking you'd like to have a few other aspects of your vehicle serviced beyond shocks and struts? Fear not, our team is ready to help Silver Spring drivers with nearly any service need! From larger repair needs to routine checkups, Baltimore drivers can count on the Koons Chevy Buick GMC service team! Schedule a service appointment today!

Shocks and Struts

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