If you're ready to find your next dream car but unsure what the best financing choice might be, consider trading in your current vehicle. This strategy can help you save money and complete your car transaction quickly so you can get back on the road in your new ride. If you're not ready to pull the trigger on a new car, you can also trade in your car for cash. Either way, get your offer today and trade in your car with us at Koons Clarksville Chevrolet Buick GMC. 

Why Trade With Koons Clarksville Chevrolet Buick GMC

Our expert service department and dedicated sales team make trading your car at Koons Clarksville Chevrolet Buick GMC a no-brainer for individuals in Washington, D.C., or the surrounding area. We offer a large selection of pre-owned vehicles and new cars that can fit every lifestyle and financial situation, ranging from the 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 to the GMC Terrain. Whether you're looking for a city car, hearty truck, or stylish SUV, we know you'll find it with us at Koons.

Benefits of Trading In Your Car

Trading in your current vehicle comes with a wide range of benefits. Here are a few to consider:

Save Time and Money

Selling a car privately can involve a high level of investment when it comes to your time and money. First, you'll have to fix up any dents, dings, or mechanical issues, then clean the car to get it in the perfect condition to sell. Next, you might have to invest in high-quality photographs and advertisements to find a suitable buyer. 

You can bypass all the time and expenses required for a private sale by trading in your vehicle with us at Koons. We'll take care of all the little fix-ups and detailing your car requires, and get you a cash offer in a fraction of the time it would take to get one from a private buyer. We can even help you pay off existing car loans, a factor that might be a negative for traditional private buyers. 

Get Back on the Road Quickly

The entire private sale process can take weeks, or even months. After you prepare and advertise your vehicle, you might contact potential buyers, research them to ensure their reliability, and set up meetings for them to see the car. After all that, your perfect buyer might back out of the deal, leaving you at square one. Alternatively, you can sell your used vehicle to us. Using our vehicle pricing tool, you can get an offer in just a few seconds. Then you can get it appraised and walk away with cash or credit toward a new vehicle that same day. 

No Obligations To Buy From Us

While trading in your vehicle with Koons is a fast and easy way to get a high-quality new car, there is never any obligation to buy a new vehicle from our dealership. This means you can take a cash payment instead and decide later which new vehicle is right for your lifestyle. Individuals who enjoy taking their time to review car options or those who might want to try out the car-free lifestyle are just as welcome to sell their car to us as those who know exactly for which vehicle they'd like to trade in their current car. 

How To Trade In Your Vehicle

Finding out the value of your vehicle and trading it in with us at Koons Clarksville Chevrolet Buick GMC couldn't be easier. You can follow these simple steps:

Value Your Trade

With our accessible online tool, you can get your offer in minutes. Simply enter your license plate information, your vehicle identification number, and your car's make and model, including the year and trim. You'll also have the opportunity to enter car mileage and other important factors that might affect the value. When you finish, you'll receive an instant cash offer based on that value. 

Schedule a Value Confirmation Appointment

If you receive a value offer you're happy with, you can schedule a confirmation appointment at your local Koons dealership. Our knowledgeable staff members will take a look at your vehicle to ensure it matches the information you provide online. This step helps us ensure we can offer all our pre-owned vehicles to new customers for fair prices that truly reflect the value of each vehicle. 

Get Paid or Complete Your Trade

Once your car is approved, you can trade it in with us and receive a same-day payment. That means you can hand us the keys and walk away with cash, or you can put that money towards your new vehicle purchase. You can also keep an eye out for special trade-in deals. We sometimes offer up to $750 off your next vehicle when you trade in your current car with us. 

Tips for Getting the Best Value Trade

To get the best price when you trade in your car, it's helpful to understand which factors contribute to the car's value. Consider your vehicle's mileage, age, make, model, appearance, and condition. If you can take steps to improve any of these factors, doing so may increase your car's value. You can also visit our finance center to learn more about financing your new vehicle and to browse our current special deals that might offer you incredible value. 

Are you ready to trade up in the world? We can't wait to help. If you have questions about how to get started or the trade-in process, feel free to contact us online or to give us a call at 866-478-1427. Our trained staff members are standing by to offer any type of support you may need. You can also stop by our dealership at 12421 Auto Drive, Clarksville, during our sales hours, 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday, and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday.